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Winter Newsletter 2020

Happy Winter Holidays to my Hug Bug friends!

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By Charlotte Diamond
from “Diamonds and Dragons

Hello, Winter, how are you today?
I’m so glad that you have come my way.
Hello, Winter, say, you’re looking fine,
Won’t you have a cup of tea and join these friends of mine?

With your icicles on bicycles, riding in the snow,
Snowflakes falling, tickling my nose,
Sleigh rides; let’s go skating ‘round and ‘round,
I’m so glad that you have come to visit in our town.

We can sing this song in French, too!


Bonjour l'hiver

Par Charlotte Diamond et Paul Gitlitz
© 1992 Charlotte Diamond Music (SOCAN)
As recorded on the CD, Bonjour l’hiver

Bonjour l’hiver, Eh, comment ça va?
Je suis content que tu sois avec moi.
Bonjour l’hiver, tu te portes bien,
Reste un peu avec nous autres,
Chantons un refrain.

Ah, tes glaçons brillants, suspendus au toit,
Tes flocons de neige qui dansent autour de moi.
Allons patiner et glisser en traineau,
Je suis content quand tu arrives
Dans notre petit hameau.

Now available as an MP3 song download on my website!
Vocal Performance or Band Track

I love dusting off my jingle bells and maracas and singing my favourite songs like: “Feliz Navidad”, “Silver Bells”, Zulu Carol” and “Bonjour l’hiver (Hello Winter)”. Although this year is different, we can still celebrate the Holidays with our friends and family in our Bubble! By staying at home when we can, washing our hands often, keeping our distance (Six feet away, that’s the minimum), and wearing a mask when in a larger group, we can keep ourselves and others safe and healthy. We can beat this COVID virus together! To keep in touch, I am visiting with my buddies and family by phone, FaceTime and other social media like Facebook. Spread thoughtfulness and kindness by calling someone you love today! They will hear the hugs in your voice. Remember, “Four Hugs a Day, that’s the minimum”.

Charlotte and Matt Sing "Prickly Porcupine & Spiny Sea Urchin"

Charlotte and Matt Sing “Prickly Porcupine & Spiny Sea Urchin”

Sometimes, we can feel prickly, a bit lonely or grumpy. Here is my story video on YouTube about “Prickly Porcupine and Spiny Sea Urchin”, who become good friends by sending messages in bubbles.

Going outdoors in the frosty, winter air can make us feel better. Walk, play and make music as you jump with jingle bells in your pocket!


It's a Snowy Day [Image © Alexey Bannykh -]

It’s a snowy day, snowflakes falling,
A snowy day, won’t you come and play,
It’s a snowy day, my friends are calling,
“Let’s play hockey on the ice all day”.

From the song, “It’s a Rainy Day” on the CD “24 Carrot Diamond
and “A World of Music” Music Book with CD


Charlotte and Matt in their Canucks Jerseys

Charlotte and Matt in their Canucks Jerseys


Have you ever been hiking or snowshoeing in the mountains? If you don’t live near a mountain, you can find a hill to slide down on a toboggan or sled. I love winter sports and enjoy watching hockey. Go Vancouver Canucks! You might enjoy singing my song, “The Mountains”, written when I was learning to ski on Silver Star Mountain in Vernon, BC.

When you need to be indoors in the colder weather, you can have fun writing songs. Let’s change “I am a Pizza” (Je suis une pizza, Soy una Pizza) to  “I am a Bubble”. You can even blow bubbles in the snow!

Oh, I am a Bubble … Big and round …
Softly,  I’m floating … over the ground …
I am a Bubble …up, up, up …
I am a Bubble, ‘til I go POP!

Write your own songs, like “I am a Snowflake”, “I am Polar Bear” or “I am T-Rex”!

“Oh, I am a T-Rex… Big and Strong…
I’d like to chase you … Around the pond …
I might eat you … You’ll taste good …
I am a T-Rex ..  What comes next?

There are songs of winter celebrations from all over the world. The “Zulu Carol” is from South Africa. It is an echo song and easy to sing.  The words, “u nkulu  u nkulu” sound like a dove calling.  I have joined an adult choir and we have been singing songs from Africa. I love the rhythms and harmonies.


Zulu Carol [Image © Yuliya Konyayeva -]

A traditional South African Carol, in Zulu
Adapted and Arranged by Charlotte Diamond and Paul Gitlitz
SOCAN 1990
As recorded on the CD, “The Christmas Gift
u ya ngin tan da       (I am loved)
u nkulu u nkulu       (by the Almighty)
u ya ngin tan da       (who loves me)
um sin di si       (the healing is)
ngiya pinda ngiti       (I say again)
on gi tan da yo       (that I am loved)
on gi tan da yo       (and I love)
u nkulu u nkulu       (the Almighty)


“Feliz Navidad” in Spanish means “Merry Christmas, Prosperous New Year and Happiness”!


Feliz Navidad

Words and Music by Jose Feliciano
© BMG Music
As recorded by Charlotte Diamond on the CD, “The Christmas Gift


Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad,
Feliz Navidad, Prospero Ano y Felicidad.
Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad,
Feliz Navidad, Prospero Ano y Felicidad.


I want to wish you a Merry Christmas,
I want to wish you a Merry Christmas,
I want to wish you a Merry Christmas,
From the bottom of my heart.

Now available as an MP3 song download on my website
in both Vocal and Band Track versions.


Perfect Stocking Stuffers

‘Tis the Season!

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Snow Family [Image © Folk Art Treasures. Used with Permission.]


Please share the joy of the Holidays with children and families in need. Donate food, warm clothes, blankets, music and toys to bring happiness and comfort to our communities. Families need our help!

Wishing you and your family
“Happy Holidays and a
Peaceful, Healthy New Year 2021”.

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