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Winter Newsletter 2021

Happy Winter and Happy Holidays to all my Hug Bug friends! It has been a busy and interesting year! I love performing live, in-person shows, but with Covid restrictions, I have been mainly performing online concerts and teacher’s workshops through Zoom. This has been a wonderful way to keep in touch with my friends and…


Winter Newsletter 2020

Happy Winter Holidays to my Hug Bug friends! By Charlotte Diamond from “Diamonds and Dragons“ Hello, Winter, how are you today? I’m so glad that you have come my way. Hello, Winter, say, you’re looking fine, Won’t you have a cup of tea and join these friends of mine? With your icicles on bicycles, riding…


Winter Newsletter 2019

Happy Winter Holidays to my Hug Bug friends! I love performing my Holiday Delight concerts and inviting everyone to sing along, dance and play bells and maracas with songs like: “Feliz Navidad”, “Silver Bells”, “Zulu Carol”, and “Bonjour l’hiver (Hello Winter)”. I also love to sing “I am a Pizza” (“Je suis une pizza”) and “I…


Winter Newsletter 2018

  Happy Winter Holidays to my Hug Bug friends! Winter is coming! We still have some rainy days and warmer weather on the Sunshine Coast, but the frosty, snowy days are on their way! I love Winter! J’aime l’hiver! My songs, “Bonjour l’hiver” and “Hello Winter” are part of my Holiday Delight Concerts. Singing brings us…


Winter Newsletter 2016

Happy Winter Holidays to my Hug Bug friends! Winter is my favourite season! I love the frosty, crisp days with snow draped on the mountains around Vancouver. Nature is preparing for the quiet time of year… a time to rest, read and reflect on the past months. It is also a time for singing, jingling…


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