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Hug Bug Club

Hi, kids, and welcome to Charlotte’s Hug Bug Club! There’s a lot to keep you busy here, so let’s dig right in!

Hug Bug Club Newsletter
In our Hug Bug Club’s Newsletter section, you’ll find links to our most recent newsletter, as well as past issues and versions in French and Spanish… [Read More]

Charlotte’s fans love to send in photos of Hug Bug Kids, and we love receiving them! See what’s new in the Photo Gallery today! [Read More]
Hug Bug Club Photos

Hug Bug Club - Write to Charlotte
Charlotte loves to receive your letters and drawings! Find out here how to send yours to her! [Read More]

There are some very talented kids in our Hug Bug Club! Take a look at the awesome art Charlotte has received! Is your picture here? Check and see! [Read More]
Hug Bug Club Kids' Art

Hug Bug Club Colouring Pages
Do you like to colour? Here are some pictures you can print out, colour, and send to Charlotte. She loves to see your art! [Read More]