Unicef and Charlotte

UNICEF & Charlotte

Since the early 1990’s, Charlotte has been a Special Representative of UNICEF Canada and an Honorary Chairperson of the Halloween Campaign for her home province of British Columbia.

unicef photoCharlotte Diamond has been awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal in recognition of her exemplary support of UNICEF since 1994. This medal is awarded to those persons who have made a significant contribution to Canada, to their community or to their fellow Canadians.

Several of her songs have been published in the UNICEF magazines, “SPLASH” or “PLOUF,” offered to schools, including “Each of us is a Flower” (“Nous sommes tous comme les fleurs”) and “Tout ce que je veux – la paix” (“All I Really Want is Peace”).

In 1999, Charlotte’s song, “My School is the World” (“Mon école est le monde”) appeared in “Splash” and “Plouf” magazine in support of the theme that every child has a right to an education.


My School is the World

by Charlotte Diamond
© Charlotte Diamond Music 1999, SOCAN
Written for UNICEF Canada for “Splash” Magazine
I want to learn how to dance;
I want to learn how to sing
Paint a picture, play a game
I want to do everything!

I want to learn how to read;
I want to learn how to write
For I’m a child and I’m ready to learn
My school is the world.

I want to learn how to weave;
I want to learn how to sew
Cook good food and build a home
There’s lots that I don’t know.

I want to learn about peace
And how to be a good friend
For I’m a child and I’m ready to learn
My school is the world.

I want to study the earth;
I want to study the sky
Plant a seed and help it grow
Just give me the chance to try.

I want to help build a bridge
And learn to care for my land
For I’m a child and I’m ready to learn
My school is the world.

I need teachers; I need books;
I need paper and pens,
With time enough and helping hands
My education will never end.

I want to learn how to dream;
Imagine what I can be
For I’m a child and I’m ready to learn
My school is the world.

Charlotte’s song, “Leave the World a Little Better” was chosen to be included in “Splash” magazine 2000. Click here to listen to this song. You can write to UNICEF or to Charlotte to receive a copy of this magazine with Charlotte’s song and the written music.

Music crosses international borders and brings us closer together. Our children are our future and every child has the right to fulfill his/her dreams.

Charlotte Diamond


In 1996, Charlotte was invited by the First Lady of Costa Rica and UNICEF to visit that country, to present concerts in San Jose and to work with school children in the province of Puriscal. UNICEF has been sponsoring educational programs in 22 schools in that area. Charlotte produced a documentary video of this trip which is available through UNICEF Canada.

Introducing my songs in Spanish and learning from the children about their education was one of the most inspiring experiences I have had as a teacher and singer. UNICEF does wonderful and necessary work throughout our world. Every child has rights. We must all strive to maintain and develop those rights.

Charlotte Diamond


For more information about UNICEF, please visit their web site at http://www.unicef.ca/.