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Fall Newsletter 2018

Dear Hug Bug Pals,

Happy Fall and Happy Harvest Time! I love to walk in the crisp, fresh air of Fall!


Charlotte Out and About in Vernon in the Fall

Charlotte Out and About in Vernon in the Fall

Around the world, children are walking safely to school with their parents, family and friends. The Walk to School programs, which often begin in early October, are international and the idea started in Australia. The areas around our schools are often too busy and crowded with families dropping off and picking up their children.

“Who needs a car, when it’s not too far?”

This line is in my song, The Walking School Bus or in French, L’autobus scolaire pédestre. This song is featured on my latest CD, Diamonds by the Sea. It is also available as a song download on my website and iTunes. Find out about the Walk to School programs in your area. You may want to start your own “Walk to School” group! Riding your bikes safely together is another good idea.


The Walking School Bus

By Charlotte Diamond
Diamonds by the Sea and The Walking School Bus
Copyright © Charlotte Diamond Music 2004 SOCAN

When I go to my school,
I like to walk and I’m no fool,
With my friends, I’m just fine.
Riding the Walking School Bus.

One of our parents comes along,
We whistle and talk or sing a song,
Who needs a car when it’s not too far?
Riding the Walking School Bus.

Visit my web site for full lyrics and more information about the Walking School Bus programs.


Fall at the Cabin in Vernon

Fall at the Cabin in Vernon


When you are walking with your friends and family, you can talk about what you see and hear or notice the many colours of Fall. It is Harvest Time and our gardens are full of tasty, multi-coloured vegetables and fruits. I love to eat orange crunchy carrots! Have you seen my video, “10 Crunchy Carrots”? You can watch it on my YouTube channel HERE. Count down and crunch along!


10 Crunchy Carrots [Image © honeyflavour -]


By Charlotte Diamond
On 10 Carrot Diamond CD & “10 Crunchy Carrots” DVD
Copyright © Charlotte Diamond Music 1985 SOCAN

10 crunchy carrots, all yours and mine
My gerbils ate one and now there’s just 9

9 crunchy carrots, let’s bake them in a cake
Sasquatch ate one and now there’s just 8



8 crunchy carrots, delicious to munch
Your hamster ate one and now there’s 7 in a bunch

7 crunchy carrots, let’s make some sticks
My sister ate one and now there’s just 6

6 crunchy carrots, sweet as honey from the hive
The bees ate one and now there’s just 5

5 crunchy carrots, a scratch at the door
The imp wants one and now there’s just 4

4 crunchy carrots, a treat for you and me
But the worms got one and now there’s just 3

3 crunchy carrots, what can we do?
Your brother took one and now there’s just 2

2 crunchy carrots, a knock at the door
Dracula wants one and now there’s just 1 more

1 crunchy carrot broken in two
Gives a piece for me and a piece for you. Crunch!


One Crunchy Carrot [Image © tigatelu -]


10 Crunchy Carrots is now available on my website as a song download in MP3 format!

We will have carrots and peas, cabbage, yams, and potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner plus pumpkin pie for dessert. Being together makes Thanksgiving a special celebration. I am thankful for my family and friends and the beauty of nature that surrounds us in all seasons. Please donate to your local Food Bank so others can celebrate, too.



I visited my cabin on Okanagan Lake in Vernon, BC in late September, when the maple trees were a blaze of red, orange and yellow. Even the sunsets were amazing and there was a big yellow Harvest Moon. We picked the purple plums and red apples from our trees. If you could be a tree, which tree would you choose to be? An apple tree, a weeping willow, an oak tree or a cedar tree?


What Kind of Tree Are You?

What kind of tree are you?
What kind of tree are you?
Many kinds, you can see,
Choose which one you’d like to be.
Trees, trees, trees, trees, trees.

Are you an apple tree,
With blossoms pink and white?
Shiny apples, red and green.
Can I take a bite?

Or are you a maple tree,
That grows across our land?
Coast to Coast, East to West,
Proudly you do stand.
Trees, trees, trees, trees, trees.

As recorded on Diamond in the Rough and in Charlotte’s World of Music Music Book (available with or without CD).

The maple tree is the emblem of Canada and our flag has the red maple leaf.


Halloween is Coming Soon!

Have a Spooktacular Halloween and go Looking for Dracula! What is your Halloween costume this year? I have my Dracula cape and binoculars ready! Use your imagination to create your own costume with makeup!


Looking for Dracula (Vocal) Song Download [Image © mickallnice / indomercy -]


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Charlotte in her Banana Hat!


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