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Fall Newsletter 2018

Dear Hug Bug Pals, Happy Fall and Happy Harvest Time! I love to walk in the crisp, fresh air of Fall!   Around the world, children are walking safely to school with their parents, family and friends. The Walk to School programs, which often begin in early October, are international and the idea started in…


Fall Newsletter 2017

Dear Hug Bug Pals, Hello, Hola, Bonjour! **Good news! I was invited to Ottawa by the Governor General of Canada to attend a very special ceremony on August 25th to be invested into the Order of Canada. I received a lovely insignia for my work in music for children. Such an honour!     Fall has…


Fall Newsletter 2016

Dear Hug Bug Pals, The Hug Bugs are singing, “Hello, Hola, Bonjour!” This new song teaches some different ways to say, “Hello”. Sing along and teach your friends and family. Echo these greetings and add on your own! By Charlotte Diamond on Diamonds by the Sea Copyright © Charlotte Diamond Music 2014 SOCAN Hello … Hola…


Fall Newsletter 2015

Dear Hug Bug Pals, What a great way to start off the fall! I have a new Web Site and a brand new CD, “Diamonds by the Sea”, co-produced with my son, Matt Diamond, and the talented Hug Bug Band. We promise that you will be singing, whistling and dancing all the way through! It…


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