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Fall Newsletter 2017

Dear Hug Bug Pals,

Hello, Hola, Bonjour!

**Good news! I was invited to Ottawa by the Governor General of Canada to attend a very special ceremony on August 25th to be invested into the Order of Canada. I received a lovely insignia for my work in music for children. Such an honour!


GG02-2017-0299-032 August 25, 2017 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada The Governor General presents the Member insignia of the Order of Canada to Charlotte Diamond, C.M. His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, invested 1 Companion, 13 Officers and 30 Members into the Order of Canada during a ceremony at Rideau Hall, on Friday, August 25, 2017. Credit: MCpl Vincent Carbonneau, Rideau Hall, OSGG

Charlotte Diamond, C.M. with His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada.


Fall has arrived in the Hug Bug Club and “I’m Ready for the Puddles!”


Puddles [Image © -]

By Charlotte Diamond on My Bear Gruff
Copyright © Charlotte Diamond Music 1992 SOCAN

I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for the puddles!

I’ve got new boots… a raincoat, too…
I’ve got a hat… and it’s bright blue…
The sky is gray… raining cats and dogs…
I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for the puddles.

I don’t care… if it rains all day…
I can’t wait… to go out and play…
Splishing and splashing… my cares away…
I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for the puddles. Splash!


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Children walking in the rain [Image © Boggy -]

Children walking in the rain [Image © Boggy –]


I am so happy that the rain has finally arrived. We had such a hot, dry summer on the West Coast this year.  It was wonderful for swimming and growing vegetables and fruit in our gardens; but the forests and grasslands became very dry.  There were so many wildfires in the interior of British Columbia that some families had to leave their homes and towns to be safe.  Firefighters came from around the world to help fight the fires, not only in BC but in Washington, Oregon and California.  People also helped provide families and their animals with shelter and food.  Everyone worked together to give comfort and help those in need.


The Moose on the Loose


When it started to rain after several months of dry weather, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Wild animals like “Ottie the Otter” and “The Moose on the Loose” were also affected by the fire and smoke. Now the fires will finally be quenched and families can return to their homes and rebuild.  In many cases, the fires were started by lightning, but often they were started by humans.  There was a ban on campfires for all the summer. We all have to be careful.


Squirrel at Feeder [Image © blewulis -]

Squirrel at Feeder [Image © blewulis –]


In August, I moved from Richmond, near Vancouver, to live in the forest, on the ocean in Sechelt.  We travel there by ferry to the Sunshine Coast.  It is a beautiful spot and I love watching the squirrels, deer and birds that visit daily. Some bears, too! The deer love eating my flowers!  I wrote a song about the disappearance of my blossoms.


Oh, Deer, the Doe's in the Marigolds

By Charlotte Diamond on Diamonds by the Sea
Copyright © Charlotte Diamond Music 2002 SOCAN


Oh, Deer, the doe’s in the marigolds,
Oh, Deer, she’s munching the day lilies,
Oh, Deer, the buck nipped my roses,
He’s nibbling the snapdragons, too!

The fawns have trampled through the petunias,
Dancing and prancing all over the fuchsias,
Azaleas, hydrangeas are only bare branches,
And all the strawberries are gone.

Why don’t they like dandelions and nettles?
Why don’t they eat all the horsetails and brambles?
What can I do to protect all my flowers?
And teach all the deer to eat weeds?


Oh, Deer, the Doe’s in the Marigolds is now available on my website as a song download in MP3 format!


Looking for Dracula [Image © mickallnice / indomercy -]


Have a Spooktacular Halloween and go Looking for Dracula! What will you be this year? Make your own costume!


Write to me anytime and send your ideas to me by email or visit my Charlotte Diamond Fan Page on Facebook. I always write back!


Charlotte in her Banana Hat!


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