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Fall Newsletter 2015

Dear Hug Bug Pals,

What a great way to start off the fall! I have a new Web Site and a brand new CD, “Diamonds by the Sea”, co-produced with my son, Matt Diamond, and the talented Hug Bug Band. We promise that you will be singing, whistling and dancing all the way through!

Diamonds By the Sea CD - Charlotte & Matt Diamond

It was so much fun recording my fourteenth CD with Matt, who co-wrote “Ottie the Otter” and “Sharks Need Their Fins”. Matt and his younger brother, Thomas, sang on my debut album, “10 Carrot Diamond”. Music has always been an important part of our family, and the beat goes on! My grandsons now help me write new songs.

Moose on the Loose [Illustrations © Marion Syme. Used with permission.]

[Illustrations © Marion Syme. Used with permission.]

Featuring nineteen new songs, “Diamonds by the Sea” celebrates our wonderful Earth and all of its amazing creatures, including us. The ocean, water, wildlife and family life are themes that run through each song. Teachers and parents will appreciate songs, like “Connected”, “Put the Beat in Your Feet”, “The Moose on the Loose” and “I Have Shoes and I Can Walk”. Some songs are in French and Spanish. Sing along and share the magic we have created for little ones and all ages.  There is a lyric booklet included with some very adorable illustrations, like “Ottie the Otter”.

Ottie the Otter [Illustrations © Marion Syme. Used with permission.]

By Charlotte Diamond and Matt Diamond
Copyright © Charlotte Diamond Music 2012 SOCAN
Ottie the Otter, swimming in the water,
Doing what an otter ought to do,
See her floating on her back, back, back,
Opening a clam with a smack, smack, smack!
Smack, smack, smack on her back, back, back!
Ottie the Otter, swimming in the water,
Doing what an otter ought to do,
See her dive to the deep, deep, deep,
Scooping up urchins to eat, eat, eat.
Eat, eat, eat from the deep, deep, deep …
Smack, smack, smack on her back, back, back!

Ottie the Otter, swimming in the water
Doing what an otter ought to do
See her floating on a bed of kelp,
Calling to her pup with a yelp, yelp, yelp.
Yelp, yelp, yelp in the kelp, kelp, kelp…
Eat, eat, eat from the deep, deep, deep …
Smack, smack, smack on her back, back, back!


Halloween is Coming Soon!

Are you getting ready to go Looking for Dracula”? What is your Halloween costume this year? I will be “Dracula” with binoculars, my cape and my fangs! See my “Dracula” puppet on my web site. He is pretty cool!

 Dracula Puppet

I love the colours of fall, such as orange pumpkins and carrots, red and green apples, yellow, brown and red maple leaves, blueberries, red tomatoes, deep red beets and green beans. How many colours did you eat today? My favourite vegetables are kale, spinach and carrots (10 Crunchy Carrots), cooked or raw.


Fall Harvest [Image © Tella Sametz]Fall Harvest [Image © Tella Sametz]

We had an amazing harvest moon this September with an eclipse. Did you see it? It looked so large in the sky because the moon was closer to Earth. In fall, the skies are clearer and the nights are cooler. Take time to watch the stars during our longer nights.


Jack-O-Lanterns [Image © sk.sakamoto -]
[Image © sk.sakamoto –]

Have a safe and Spooktacular Halloween! Here is a new song about Jack-o-Lanterns to the tune of “I am a Pizza”.

I’m a Jack-O-Lantern

Oh, I’m a Jack-O-Lantern …Orange and round …
I used to be a pumpkin …Rolling on the ground …
But, I have a face …And a candle, too….
I’m a Jack-O-Lantern, I might scare you. Boo!

Write to me anytime and send your ideas to me by email or visit my Charlotte Diamond Fan Page on Facebook. I always write back!

Charlotte in her Banana Hat!

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