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Spring Newsletter 2019

Hello, Bonjour, Hola to my Hug Bug Pals!


Hello Springtime
by Charlotte Diamond
Hello, Springtime, how are you today?
I’m so glad that you have come my way.
Hello, Springtime, say, you’re looking fine,
I’ll put on my rubber boots and we can have a time.In the mud puddles, splashing, making mud pies
Looking for baby birds under rainy skies,
Flowers pop up into colours bright,
Taking off my winter coat is always a delight!

From the song “Hello Winter” on “Diamonds and Dragons
and in “A World of Music Music Book” (also available with CD)

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Springtime inspires me to chase away “The Clutter Bug” blues and clean up my home. There are so many things that I don’t use any more that can be donated to Thrift Stores and help charities. Books can be given to the Library. It feels good to share! Download “The Clutter Bug” (Hug Bug) song on my website and sing!

The Clutter Bug

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Spring Crocuses Peeking Through the Snow [Image c - famveldman]

Spring Crocuses Peeking Through the Snow [Image c – famveldman]

In Sechelt, we had a very cold, snowy winter and there is still lots of snow on our local mountains. I am so ready for sunshine and warm weather! Springtime brings rainy days with lots of “Puddles” to splash in. The rain makes our gardens, fields and forests grow. Let’s Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 – a special day that reminds us to protect our Earth and do what we can to create a healthy environment for all living things. Plant some flowers and vegetables around your home, at school, and in your community.  Did you know that most fruits and vegetables that we eat have flowers? “Each of us is a Flower, Growing in Life’s Garden”.  Even bananas come from a flowering banana tree plant. This delicious fruit is grown in warm climates all around the world.

Now “All the Nations Like Bananas”! I love singing this song and dancing to the Latin-American rhythm!


Charlotte Diamond in her Banana Hat


Traditional Folksong of Nicaragua
Adapted by Charlotte Diamond, Arranged by Paul Gitlitz 1992 SOCAN
© Charlotte Diamond Music
As recorded on “24 Carrot Diamond” and in “A World of Music” Music Book CHORUS
All the nations like banana
All the races like banana
All the nations like banana
All the races like banana.

Green banana – Banana, Yellow banana – Banana,
Red banana – Banana, Ripe banana – Banana.
Big banana – Banana, Little banana – Banana,
Long banana – Banana, Short banana – Banana.
Banana, banana, banana!

The Americas like it – Banana, Europe like it – Banana,
Asia like it – Banana, Africa like it – Banana.
Mama like it – Banana, Papa like it – Banana,
Grandma like it – Banana, Baby like it – Banana.
Banana, Banana, Banana!

Let’s make fried bananas, dried bananas, sliced bananas and yogurt, banana bread, banana pie, and banana split! Mmmmm!You can learn to sing this song in Spanish and French, too. “Todo el Mundo Come Banana” and “Tout le monde aime les bananes”! You may also know another favourite food song, “I am a Pizza”, “Soy una Pizza” and “Je suis une pizza”. You are eating in three languages! That’s Trilingual!

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We are having a Special Sale on my web site for my Spanish CD,  “Todo el Mundo Come Banana” and five of my Spanish Song Cards (Libros Grandes) that you can colour and make into a Big Book. It is fun to sing and read in different languages. The pictures help you learn the words.



Spring Has Sprung!


Happy Springtime to my Hug Bug Friends!

Adios, mis amigos, Au revoir, mes amis, Good bye, my Hug Bug Buddies. Keep singing and walking!

I Have Shoes and I Can Walk

Happy Easter and Happy Earth Day!

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Charlotte in her Banana Hat!

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