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Spring Newsletter 2014

Dear Hug Bug Friends,

Springtime has arrived in the Hug Bug Club!  This has been a long and chilly winter and we are soooo … ready for the sunshine and warmth of spring.  There are tulips popping out of the ground in my garden and I have been waking up to the singing of chickadees, blue jays, robins and crows.  I hung a bird feeder in the back yard to help the hungry birds through the winter.  They are fascinating to watch, especially with a bird book handy to identify each visitor. How many different birds do you know? Can you whistle like the birds?
5 little sparrows song card coloured
Five little sparrows sitting on a wire,
The biggest one said, “I can fly much higher”,
So off she flew in the sky so blue,
And the wire did wobble and the wire did sway,
The little birds fluttered, trying to stay,
Then all was calm.
(How many sparrows are left? Sing the song again!)

From the CD, My Bear Gruff and World of Music Music Book

When you are outdoors, exploring with your family and buddies, you can listen very carefully for the sounds of animals and nature.  Then, you can add your own verses to my favourite song, Listen to the Water.

Listen to the water,
Listen to the water,
Rolling down the river,

Listen to the water,
Listen to the water,
Rolling down the river.

We saw some birds by the waterside,
Saw some birds by the waterside,
We saw some birds by the waterside,
Oh, oh, by the waterside.
Oh, oh, by the waterside.

More verses:  We saw some fish, some ducks, some flowers … by the waterside…

From My Bear Gruff and World of Music Music Book

Listen to a sample of Listen to the Water
slippery fish book slippery fish book picture of octopus

My new book, Slippery Fish in Hawai’i, is on special right now and there is a new Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur Puppet to dance with, too! She is a hip-hopping, rapping stegosaurus!

Dinosaur puppet
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur lives in a swamp
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur gets very damp
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur is really neat
But she always trips on her great big feet.   Thud!  Thud!

Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur has four legs
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur lays big eggs
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur always wails
When you step on the tip of her great long tail
Thud Yipes!    Thud Yipes!

From “Diamonds and Dragons” CD and DVD

Listen to a sample of Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur

kids in puddles

Always take your imagination with you wherever you go. Nature is waiting for you to put on your boots and go jumping in Puddles!   Write to me anytime and send your ideas to me by email or visit my Charlotte Diamond Fan Page on Facebook.  I always write back!

Charlotte in her Banana Hat!

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