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Winter 2007 Newsletter

Snow has fallen on the mountains around Vancouver and the ski hills have opened. Winter and the Holidays are on their way. It’s time to get outside in the cool crisp air and celebrate this season!

Hello Winter, how are you today?
I’m so glad that you have come my way.
Hello Winter, say, you’re looking fine.
Won’t you have a cup of tea and join these friends of mine?

With your icicles on bicycles, riding in the snow,
Snowflakes falling, tickling my nose,
Sleigh rides, let’s go skating ’round and ’round.
I’m so glad that you have come to visit in our town!

From “Diamonds and Dragons”

In French!

Bonjour l’hiver, Eh, comment ça va?
Je suis content que tu sois avec moi.
Bonjour l’hiver, tu te portes bien.
Reste un peu avec nous autres, chantons un refrain.

Ah, tes glaçons brilliants suspendus au toit.
Tes flocons de neige qui dansent autour de moi,
Allons patiner et glisser en traineau.
Je suis content quand tu arrives dans notre petit hameau.

From “Bonjour l’hiver” (now on CD)

Here’s a new song about making cookies as gifts for family and friends, called SHERRY’S COOKIES.

Listen to a sample of “Sherry’s Cookies”


What is your favourite cookie?

Sherry’s Cookies

© Charlotte Diamond Music SOCAN 2004


Sherry’s cookies, what a delight!
Sherry’s cookies ready to bite,
Sherry’s cookies, Oh, what fun!
I want to taste every one.

Made with care and taking time,
A gift for friends that looks so fine,
Tied with a ribbon in a box,
I hope she’s making lots and lots… lots and lots of …


Hug Bug cookies and chocolate chip,
Peanut butter and oatmeal are always a hit!
Gingerbread and butterscotch,
I hope she’s making lots and lots… lots and lots of …


Savour each cookie and make it last
The celebration will soon be past.
For special gifts, you have to wait
For it takes time to create…


Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons,
Find a recipe; let’s have some fun
Bake some cookies for the family
A gift of love that’s oh, so yummy!
Yummy in your tummy!


Write to Charlotte:
to let her know how you like the new song!

This Holiday season, remember others who need our help. UNICEF helps children around the world. Visit in Canada or in the USA. We can also donate to organizations that help families in our own community to have a Happy Holiday. Give a special “Hug” to your family and “Leave the World a Little Better.”

Have a wonderful winter and
let’s welcome in a Peaceful New Year!

Feliz Navidad, Love, Snowflakes and Hugs,

P.S. Write to me often! I love to receive your pictures and letters!

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