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Spring 2010 Newsletter

Springtime has arrived in the Hug Bug Club and the Hug Bugs,Valentine, Springtime,Forest, Sky and Pumpkin are busy doing their spring cleaning. There has been a new visitor, the “Clutter Bug” who has been making a mess all winter! It is time to tidy up and pass on those toys, clothes and books that we don’t need any more to another child who would enjoy them. So I have written a new song, to the tune of “The Hug Bug.” You can now purchase a downloadable version of the song on my website.


The Clutter Bug

It’s the Clutter Bug, the Clutter Bug, the Clutter Bug,
Never know where it’s hiding,
It’s the Clutter Bug, the Clutter Bug,
Watch out it will clutter on you!

If your room is filled with toys
And you don’t have any space,
Pack some in a box and give them away.
Put a smile on somebody’s face.


If your closet is filled with clothes,
That you don’t wear anymore,
Wash them up nice and give them away,
To the second-hand store.


If your shelves are filled with books,
That you no longer read,
Give them to the library or a friend;
It might be just what they need.


By Charlotte Diamond © 2009 SOCAN

Do you have a Clutter Bug at your house? Write to me with some new verses for my song, suggesting ways to “Reduce, Recycle and Reuse to chase away the Clutter Bug Blues.” I always write back!


When you are tired of being indoors, explore outside and see how nature is changing with the arrival of spring. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. Walk to school with your friends and discover more about nature and our environment. Do you know the names of the trees that you pass on the way to school? On my street there are cedars, willows, and birches, as well as cherry and apple trees. “What kind of tree are you?” I want to be a Banana Tree!

Charlotte in her Banana Hat!


I think that every day should be Earth Day! Some of you may know my “Walking School Bus” song, which can help you to get started walking safely to school. You will meet new friends, and the physical activity helps to start your day in a good mood. Move your feet and life is sweet!

Walking School Bus

Listen to a sample of “The Walking School Bus”


The Walking School Bus
by Charlotte Diamond
© Charlotte Diamond Music 2004, SOCAN

When I go to my school,
I like to walk and I’m no fool,
With my friends, I’m just fine.
Riding the Walking School Bus.

One of our parents comes along,
We whistle and talk or sing a song,
Who needs a car when it’s not too far?
Riding the Walking School Bus.

Two by two we cross the street,
Look left and right, then pick up our feet,
We don’t run, we stay together,
Walking to school in all kinds of weather.

Rain? Sure!
Snow? Of course!
Windy? Fine!
How about sunshine? Walking in sunshine!

For more information, please visit the following web sites. (Links will open in a new browser window.)

British Columbia: or


Rest of Canada:




When we walk, we have more time to stop, look, and listen. Here is a great song about nature.

Earth, Water, Air and Fire

“Earth, Water, Air and Fire”

When I go walking I like to see The waves on the water, the flowers in the fields
My brothers and my sisters, the friends on my street,
Laughing and playing and singing so free.

Earth and Water, Air and Fire,
The worm digs deeper and the robin flies higher,
We’re all part of one family,
The Sun and the Earth, you and me.

2. Where does it come from the air we all breathe?
Where is it going, the water in the stream?
Small is the seed but big is the tree,
I think that seed is a little like me. Chorus

By Andy Ruszel, Recorded on the CD, Diamonds and Dragons.

Listen to a sample of “Earth, Water, Air and Fire”


Do you know my song “Puddles?” We often have rainy days in spring where I live near Vancouver on the west (wet!) coast of Canada. I love jumping in puddles! Put on your rubber boots and let’s go… Splash!


I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for the puddles!
I’ve got new boots, a raincoat, too;
I’ve got a hat, and it’s bright blue,
The sky is gray, raining cats and dogs,
I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for the puddles!
I don’t care, if it rains all day;
I can’t wait to go out and play,
Splishin’ and splashin’ my cares away,
I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for the puddles!

By Charlotte Diamond,
Recorded on My Bear Gruff


I hope that you enjoy spring cleaning your house and chasing the Clutter Bugs away. Then go outside for a walk in the fresh air, listen for the birds and… jump in the puddles… with your boots on, of course!

P.S. Write to me! I love to receive your pictures and letters!

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