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Fall Newsletter 2023

Dear Hug Bug Pals,

Hello Autumn! Bonjour l’Automne!

Autumn leaves are falling and carpeting the ground with beautiful fall colours! Red, orange, green, brown, and yellow leaves are falling down from the trees. The maple leaves in our forest are as large as a dinner plate!

Charlotte Diamond Holding Two Large Maple Leaves - Fall 2023

Charlotte Diamond Holding Two Large Maple Leaves (2023)


While watching the leaves falling, I started writing this song with my grandson, Fraser. We ran through the piles of leaves just for fun!

Autumn Leaves Are Falling

by Charlotte Diamond

Autumn Leaves are falling, falling, falling,
Autumn Leaves are falling all around.
Autumn Leaves are falling, falling, falling,
Autumn Leaves are falling to the ground.

You can watch the video for this song on my YouTube channel!

Let’s make this a ZIPPER SONG and describe other ways that the leaves are moving. “Autumn Leaves are swirling, twirling, dancing, drifting, floating all around.” Use your imagination to add more verses to my song. Move your arms and hands as if you are a falling leaf. (Soon we may be singing, “Snowflakes are falling”!)

Blue Snowflake [Image © Adobe Stock / Stockgiu]


Every tree has its own leaves that are different from other trees. Collect different kinds of leaves, then find the trees they came from. In my forest, we have maple, alder, birch, cedar, and fir trees. What Kind of Tree Are You?


What Kind of Tree Are You?

What kind of tree are you?
What kind of tree are you?
Many kinds, you can see,
Choose which one you’d like to be.
Trees, trees, trees, trees, trees.

As recorded on Diamond in the Rough and in
Charlotte’s World of Music Music Book / CD



Charlotte Diamond's Animal Friends - AUTOGRAPHED COPY!

Fall and Winter are quieter seasons when we can read together and be cozy indoors. My new Picture Book, “Charlotte Diamond’s Animal Friends” is now available on my website – with a personal autograph! Enjoy reading, singing, and learning about my Animal Friends. Unautographed copies of my book are also available from Orca Book Publishers, your local bookseller, or Amazon.

When families get together to celebrate special days, it is a perfect time for family stories! Turn off the TV and put away your screens to have a Family Story Time.


We Are the Keepers of All the Stories - Family Photo with Grandparents, Parents, and Children [Image © Adobe Stock]

By Charlotte Diamond
Copyright © Charlotte Diamond Music 2008 SOCAN
As recorded on Diamonds by the Sea

Grandmas and Grandpas, Mothers and Fathers,
Tell us the stories, we want to know,
We want to follow the roads that you’ve travelled,
Children need stories that help us to grow.

For we are the keepers of all the stories,
We are the keepers of all the songs,
We hold the pictures filled with your memories,
Tell us the story of our family.

My nose is pointed, just like my grandpa’s.
My feet are long and I’m filling big shoes.
You were so brave when you left your homeland,
Hard work and care made the future for me.


I like your cooking, please won’t you teach me
I like your flowers; can I grow some, too?
Can we go fishing? I want to catch one,
Tell me the tale of the one that got away.

If we watch the stars and sit very quiet,
I can imagine when you were young,
When we’re together, sharing a moment,
My hand in yours makes us all feel like one.



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As the weather turns colder, please remember the families in your community who may need your help. Donate to your local food bank and community services, so everyone can have a Healthy and Happy Winter.

Leave the World a Little Better - Boy and Girl Hugging Earth [Image © Freepik]


Leave the world just a little bit better,
A little better than it was.
Leave the world just a little bit better,
A little better than you found it,
When the sun came up.

From Charlotte Diamond’s World, 24 Carrot Diamond
and “A World of Music” Music Book


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Charlotte in her Banana Hat!


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