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Winter 2010 Newsletter

Hi Hug Bug Friends!

I awoke this morning to see soft, fluffy flakes of snow drifting down from the sky. It was the first snowfall of winter and always an exciting sight! The ski hills around Vancouver are now open for skiing, snowboarding and sleighing, and the mountains are sparkling with a fresh snowy white blanket. Winter is my favourite season! I love the frosty, crisp days. Nature is preparing for the quiet time of year.


It’s a snowy day, snowflakes falling,
A snowy day, won’t you come and play.
It’s a snowy day, my friends are calling,
Let’s play hockey on the ice all day.

From “It’s a Rainy Day” on My Bear Gruff


Snowman with songbird

The squirrels have been busy all day eating seeds that we put in a feeder for the birds. It is quite a contest between the Jay birds and the squirrels as to who is the boss! I hope that you put food outside for the birds around your home in winter. Roll a pine cone in peanut butter, then roll it in wild bird seed and hang your cone on a tree. Then you can watch the birds enjoy your seed treat throughout the winter. When the weather is cold, they need energy to keep warm. Even you need more food in winter to keep warm! Let’s bake some nutritious oatmeal raisin cookies. I wrote a song for my friend, Sherry, who bakes many different kinds of cookies to give as Holiday gifts for family and friends. Have a “Baking Party” with your buddies and try each other’s recipes.


Sherry's Cookies
by Charlotte Diamond
© Charlotte Diamond Music SOCAN 2004


Sherry’s cookies, what a delight!
Sherry’s cookies ready to bite,
Sherry’s cookies, Oh, what fun!
I want to taste every one.

Made with care and taking time,
A gift for friends that looks so fine,
Tied with a ribbon in a box,
I hope she’s making lots and lots… lots and lots of …


Hug Bug cookies and chocolate chip,
Peanut butter and oatmeal are always a hit!
Gingerbread and butterscotch,
I hope she’s making lots and lots… lots and lots of …


Savour each cookie and make it last
The celebration will soon be past.
For special gifts, you have to wait
For it takes time to create…


Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons,
Find a recipe; let’s have some fun
Bake some cookies for the family
A gift of love that’s oh, so yummy!
Yummy in your tummy!


Listen to a sample of “Sherry’s Cookies”


“Sherry’s Cookies” is one of the new downloadable songs I have available for purchase on my Website.

Snowman with Skis and Teddy Bear

Today I went for a long walk as the snow was falling. I often write songs when I am outdoors. One day, as I was skiing on Silver Star Mountain near Vernon, BC, I wrote this song, “The Mountains.” Singing helps me move with rhythm and to ski better. Whether you ski, snowboard, toboggan, skate or snow shoe, being outdoors in the fresh winter air feels great. Stand up, sing and move to this new song.


The Mountains (Whistler)

I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for… the Mountains!
I’ve got new boots… and new skis, too…
I’ve got a tuque (hat)… and it’s bright blue…
The sky is gray… and it looks like snow…
I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for the Mountains!

I don’t care… if it snows all day…
I can’t wait… to go out and play…
Slipping and sliding… my cares away…
I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for the Mountains!

Listen to a sample of “The Mountains”


“The Mountains” is one of the new downloadable songs I have available for purchase on my Website.


Snowman Family

This holiday season, remember others who need our help. UNICEF helps children around the world throughout the year. Visit in Canada or in the USA and send the UNICEF greeting cards to your friends and family. They are beautiful! We can also donate to organizations in our own community that help families have a Happy Holiday. Through my concerts in Richmond, where I live, I help the Richmond Christmas Fund provide food and gifts to families in need. Do what you can to make this world a little bit better.

Special “Hugs and Wishes” to you and your family for a Happy Holiday Season and A Peaceful New Year 2011!

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad et Joyeux Noël and Happy Hanukah!


P.S. Write to me often! I love to receive your pictures and letters!

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