Hello, Hola, Bonjour (Vocal) Song Download


How many ways can you say “Hello”? Here is Charlotte’s “Hello” song! This is a downloadable song in MP3 format from the album, Diamonds by the Sea.


How many ways can you say “Hello”? Here is Charlotte’s “Hello” song from “Diamonds by the Sea”. Sing the echoes.

This is a song download in MP3 format. Once we have confirmed your payment, you will be sent an Email with a link to a zipfile which contains the song download and a PDF file with the printed lyrics.

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“Family performer, Charlotte Diamond, takes young listeners around the globe and into their own imaginations.”

The San Diego Union Tribune, CA, USA



Hello, Hola, Bonjour [Image © arfin - Fotolia.com]

By Charlotte Diamond on “Diamonds by the Sea
Copyright © Charlotte Diamond Music 2002 SOCAN


Hello …  Hola … Bonjour… Konichiwa …,
Hello … Lay ho ma… Nee how …  Namaste ….
Hello …  Sat sri akal …   Shalom …  Kumasta …
Hello … Buon Giorno …  Guten Tag …  Aloha…!
Hello …  Hola … Bonjour… I’m so glad you’re here,
I’m so glad you’re here, I‘m so glad you’re here!

Some of these greetings mean “Good Day”, “Peace” or “How are you?”




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