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Instrumental-only song download in MP3 format for “Connected” by Charlotte Diamond.


I wrote my song, “Connected”, about making new friendships and connecting with others. Our friends and family support us when we are learning new things. They cheer us on!

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“Family performer, Charlotte Diamond, takes young listeners around the globe and into their own imaginations.”

The San Diego Union Tribune, CA, USA


Connected by Charlotte Diamond [Image © Julia -]

By Charlotte Diamond
on “
Diamonds by the Sea


I feel connected; I feel respected
With my family and with my friends,
Like a tower, I‘ve got power
With an energy that never ends.
I need community and my teachers
To watch my steps as I grow,
Take my hand, let’s go together
For there’s so much I want to know!


Moving too fast, make this day last
For very soon I’ll be grown,
Time goes by and you’ll ask why
The early years have just flown?
Jump on our bikes; let’s go for a hike
All that I want is your time,
It’s simple to see; just listen to me
And share your world with mine.

Chorus with “We”