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Fall 2012 Newsletter

It is “Harvest Time” in Hug Bug Land!  This summer was very warm with clear, blue skies around Vancouver and throughout British Columbia. “May There Always Be Sunshine” was our theme song!  I did lots of swimming, hiking and had fun working in the garden. After a very wet spring, everything really grew quickly.  The gardens and fruit trees needed extra watering, but we were careful to water only at the roots.

apples      apple tree       apples
Apple photos courtesy of Tella Sametz

My apricot, apple and plum trees produced delicious fruit to preserve for the fall and winter.  I have just finished making apple sauce.  I enjoyed watching the spring blossoms on my apple trees change gradually through the summer into crunchy, red apples in the fall. What is your favourite fruit tree?

Cherry Trees!

What Kind of Tree Are You?

By Charlotte Diamond

What kind of tree are you? What kind of tree are you?
Many kinds as you can see,
Choose which one you’d like to be,
Trees, trees, trees, trees.

1. Are you an apple tree with blossoms pink and white,
Shining apples, red and green, can I take a bite?
Or are you a maple tree that grows across our land,
Coast to coast, east to west, proudly you do stand.


Recorded on “Diamond in the Rough”

Listen to a sample of “What Kind of Tree Are You?”


fall leaves

Many trees (deciduous) have leaves that change colour and fall to the ground in autumn.  Maple leaves turn bright red, orange and yellow. Gather some leaves and make a picture with the difference shapes and colours.

As the weather becomes cooler, we will be spending more time indoors with our families and pets.  Just like our family, our pets love to be with us, playing, receiving our love and care and enjoying our company. Be a good friend and make sure that your pets have fresh water, exercise and good food. You want them to live a long and happy life.  My family has had so many different kinds of pets: cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, fish, turtles and a blue budgie.  What wonderful friendships we can have with our pets. Draw me a picture of an animal that you love and send it to me by mail or email.

Felix the cat

Our Felix the cat loves music!

Animals Have Personality

By Charlotte Diamond

Animals have personality; animals have lots to say
If you take time to look, take time to listen
They’re different in their own way……oo,oo,oo,oo

1. Talk to your bird, whistle a tune
She might start talking to you
Or pet your cat when she’s feeling sad
She may do the same for you.


2. Well, I’m an animal; you are too
We’re just like our animal friends
I care for you; you care for me
Our friendship never ends.


Recorded on “Diamonds and Dragons” & “24 Carrot Diamond”

Listen to a sample of “Animals Have Personality”



squash  Looking for Dracula Felt Puppet  pumpkins
Squash and Pumpkin photos courtesy of Tella Sametz

Have a wonderful fall! Enjoy eating a rainbow of fresh veggies and fruits and playing with your animal friends. I have a new “Dracula” puppet to help you go “Looking for Dracula”. Have a “Spooktacular” Halloween!

Charlotte in her Banana Hat!

P.S. Write to me! I love to receive your pictures and letters!

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