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Fall 2011 Newsletter

“Harvest Time”

It is “Harvest Time” in the Hug Bug Club!  Let’s eat fresh crunchy carrots, corn on the cob, new potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Also there are so many different kinds of fruit like blueberries, peaches, apples, pears, nectarines and plums – yum, yum! We can eat a rainbow of colourful, healthy foods. Can you name the colours of all the foods that I listed?

Fall has arrived and the Vancouver, West Coast rains have started.  I never mind the rain… just put on your rubber boots and go jumping in the puddles.  Be sure to put on your hat!


I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for the puddles!
I’ve got new boots, a raincoat, too;
I’ve got a hat, and it’s bright blue,
The sky is gray, raining cats and dogs,
I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for the puddles!
I don’t care, if it rains all day;
I can’t wait to go out and play,
Splishin’ and splashin’ my cares away,
I’m ready for, you’re ready for,
We’re ready for the puddles!

By Charlotte Diamond,
Recorded on 24 Carrot Diamond.

You can sing along to this song on my website or with my brand new CD, 24 Carrot Diamond – The Best of Charlotte Diamond. This CD has 24 of my best-known songs, like “I am a Pizza”, “La Bamba”, “Dicky Dinosaur, “The Hug Bug”, “The Laundry”, “Octopus (Slippery fish)”, “Listen to the Water”, “Four Hugs a Day” and more!   Find the 24 Carrots on the front and back cover. The lyrics are in a special booklet so you can easily sing along.

Click here for a printable version of all “24 Carrot Diamond” song lyrics

24 Carrot Diamond

This summer was very warm and sunny in August and September so I did lots of swimming and kayaking. We saw 20 seals in the ocean near Sechelt, searching for fish in a large group or herd. Do you have any pet fish?  Some friends of mine have two fish ponds outdoors.  One of the ponds needed to be repaired so they moved the water plants to the other pond which had no fish. Hidden in the plants were eggs that soon hatched into 50 or more baby fish. With no bigger fish to eat them, the little fish all grew and now my friends have two ponds full of slippery fish.

Octopus (Slippery Fish)

Listen to a sample of “Octopus”


Maurice Fish

Maurice’s Fish

Water is so important to all living things, including us. Don’t waste the water.  Find ways to catch rain in your gardens with rain barrels. Turn off a running tap when you brush your teeth. Every little bit helps.


By Charlotte Diamond

We need water (to grow seeds); we need water (for the trees)
We need water (to fill the seas); we need water everyday.
We need water (for snow and rain); we need water (on the plains of Spain)
We need water (let’s say it again!); we need water everyday.


Don’t waste, don’t waste the water;
Don’t waste, don’t waste the water;
Don’t waste, don’t waste the water,
We need water every day.

Recorded on Charlotte Diamond’s World

Walking School Bus

Listen to a sample of “The Walking School Bus”


Like The Walking School Bus, remember to walk or ride your bike safely to school. Have a wonderful fall and enjoy eating a rainbow of veggies and fruits and jumping in the Puddles!

Charlotte in her Banana Hat!

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