My Bear Gruff (Band Track) Song Download


This is an Instrumental-Only song download in MP3 format of “My Bear Gruff” (Band Track) by Charlotte Diamond.


“My Bear Gruff” is one of my favourite stuffies. He is a handmade bear from Fort St. John in northern BC. We all need at least “Four Hugs a Day”, and our Teddy Bears, plush animals, and our pets give us love and comfort. They may get older and tattered, but they are always special friends. We love them for who they are.

This is an instrumental-only (‘Band Track’) song download in MP3 format, together with a PDF document that includes the printed lyrics to the song in both English and Spanish. Once your payment has been processed, you will be able to immediately download the zip file that contains both the MP3 and the PDF document. (The link will also be sent to you by Email.)

  • My Bear Gruff (Instrumental / Band Track)

“Family performer, Charlotte Diamond, takes young listeners around the globe and into their own imaginations.”

The San Diego Union Tribune, CA, USA


This song is also featured in Charlotte’s new book, “Charlotte Diamond’s Animal Friends – A Collection of Songs” with illustrations by Eunji Jung!


My Bear Gruff (Child Hugging Big Teddy Bear)

By Charlotte Diamond, as recorded on “My Bear Gruff
© Charlotte Diamond Music 1991 SOCAN

There is a bear who I know
He’s not very handsome, but I love him so
‘Cause he’s my Teddy and I call him “Gruff”
He’s not very handsome, but he’s handsome enough.

There is a kitty who I know
She’s not very fluffy, but I love her so
‘Cause she’s my kitty and I call her “Puff”
She’s not very fluffy, but she’s fluffy enough.

There is a dog who I know
He’s not very young, but I love him so
‘Cause he’s my dog and I call him “Ruff”
He’s not very young, but he’s young enough.


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