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Spring Newsletter 2020

Hello, Bonjour, Hola to my Hug Bug Pals!

Spring is awakening in my garden! The snowdrops and purple crocuses are popping their heads out of the ground and green buds are bursting in the Azalea bushes. Soon there will be colourful flowers everywhere!  It is time to explore outdoors to discover all the changes in Nature as the weather warms up.  Sing and “Whistle a Tune” like the birds in the trees. I hope they whistle back to you! This is one of my favourite tunes for spring. Add your own verses, make up actions and dance! Can you hear the trumpet?


Sing in the Spring [Image © Katerina Davidenko /]
“Sing in the Spring” Vocal Song Download


Sing in the spring, sing in the fall
Sing when I hear my baby call
Sing all day, all night, too
Hush your crying and I’ll sing for you.

I had a canary all yellow and green
I had a canary all yellow and green
Strangest bird that you’ve ever seen
She thought that she was a human being.


I used to have a tall giraffe
I used to have a tall giraffe
He loved to sing and he always danced
‘Cause he had ants in his underpants.


I used to have an orangutan
I used to have an orangutan
She liked to hang like a rubber band
And scratch her belly with her other hand.


By Utah Phillips and recorded by Charlotte on “Diamond in the Rough


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Spring Crocuses Peeking Through the Snow [Image c – famveldman]

In Sechelt, we had a very cold. windy winter and there is still lots of snow on our local mountains. I wish I were up in the mountains snowshoeing; but I also like working in my garden and planting seeds.

Wintertime brings lots of colds, flu and now COVID-19, too.  We all need to remember to wash our hands with soapy water and not touch our faces. We don’t want to pass on any viruses. It is fun to sing a song while you wash your hands.  Sing these words to my song, “Octopus (Slippery Fish)”. Teach this song to your friends.


Wash Your Hands (to the tune of "Octopus (Slippery Fish)")

(To the tune of “Octopus (Slippery Fish)”)

Wash your hands, wash your hands,
With slippery soap and water.
Top and bottom, through your fingers
Don’t forget your wrists.

Wash your hands, wash your hands
With slippery soap and water.
Lots of bubbles, no more troubles
Wash them down the drain! Gulp, Gulp, Gulp!

By Charlotte Diamond 2020


Remember, please stay home when you are feeling sick. You will get better much faster.

The Seniors in your community may need your help to buy their groceries or pick up their medicines. They will need to avoid the crowds in the stores. Check in with your neighbours to make sure everyone is feeling well. Become part of a Community Team!


Earth Day [Image (c)]


Let’s Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 –  a special day that reminds us to protect our Earth and do what we can to create a healthy environment for all living things. Plant some flowers and vegetables around your home, at school and in your community.  Did you know that most fruits and vegetables that we eat have flowers?

“Each of us is a Flower, Growing in Life’s Garden”.  What is your favourite flower? Mine is carnations.


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Simply colour the illustrated cards with washable felts, laminate, then add two rings at the bottom to flip over the pages. Enjoy Shared Reading of my favourite songs like “Octopus (Slippery Fish)” “I am a Pizza” (Je suis une pizza, Soy una Pizza), “Dicky Dinosaur”, “Each of us is a Flower “ … and more! Song cards can also be coloured, numbered, laminated, and used as readable placemats at home or in your Centre. They are easy to wipe clean. Need help? Ask for volunteer parents or teens to contribute their colouring skills. They can sign their names and each song card story will be unique!”

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Spring Has Sprung!


Happy Springtime to my Hug Bug Friends!

Adios, mis amigos, Au revoir, mes amis, Good bye, my Hug Bug Buddies. Keep singing and walking!

I Have Shoes and I Can Walk

Happy Easter and Happy Earth Day!

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Charlotte in her Banana Hat!

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